The Holy Kalyve of the Global Raising Aloft of the Holy and Life-Giving Cross (Timios Stavros)

The Holy Kalyve of Timios Stavros belongs to the Holy Skete of Saint Anna, and is situated in a rocky and sheer area of Mount Athos. According to documents, it was built in the 17th century.
The complex had remained intact up to the ’60s but since then, it has been greatly deformed by the use of contemporary materials, resulting to alteration of the Kalyve’s form and to damages.
A full architectural study has been drafted for the restoration of the Holy Kalyve, which has also been approved by the competent authorities.
According to the study, the historical buildings will be restored in order to regain their traditional form, while a new guesthouse by stone will be constructed.
The Holy Kalyve restoration budget amounts to 1.200.000 € and the guesthouse budget to 200.000 €.

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